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Evozym Biologics Announces Changes to Board of Directors

About us

Evozym Biologics is a Delaware based company founded in 2009 to bring-to-market high commercial value innovation from the University of Delaware and the Desert Research Institute (NV). Evozym Biologics, Inc. is pioneering breakthroughs in synthetic biology by combining its evolutionary and environmental biology know-how and technology into a powerful computational platform that accelerates discovery in drug design and targeting, and pathogen diagnosis. Evozym technology accelerates the future of bioengineering, medical discovery, and personalized medicine. Evozym algorithms and software can be used to produce diagnostics for broad pathogen detection. Our technology reveals novel drug targets that make it cost-effective to immunize or test chemical compounds against neglected tropical diseases and pathogens.

Dr. Joseph J. Grzymski and Dr. Adam G. Marsh, with a combined 30 years in research founded the company. Dr. Marc Hertz, who has more than 15 years experience in biomedicine and as a pharmaceutical executive, is our board chairman. The company owns an in-perpetuity license to all of its intellectual property from the University of Delaware and the Nevada System of Higher Education. Evozym’s proprietary platform technology utilizes evolutionary and environmental biology combined with multi-core computation using proprietary algorithms to deconstruct existing proteins into their most critical functional components. This facilitates rapid discovery of novel drug targets and diagnostic approaches for broad classes of pathogens.