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Evozym Biologics Announces Strategic Collaboration with GenScript

About us

Evozym Biologics is a Delaware based company founded in 2009 to bring-to-market high commercial value innovation from the University of Delaware and the Desert Research Institute (NV). Evozym's proprietary platform technology utilizes evolutionary biology combined with multi-core computation, proprietary algorithms, databases and biological engineering to transform the evolution of known gene profiles into novel proteins. The characteristics of these proteins change the economic paradigm of discovery and production in multiple bioprocess-oriented market segments. Evozym's data tools guide the computational evolution of a protein towards specific goals:

Evozym's approach enables proteins to adapt to pre-selected environmental conditions as they would in nature. Optimized protein candidates from hundreds of billions of possible mutable trajectories adapt and evolve in an efficient manner and yield refined output which is suitable for small scale laboratory analysis. The unique solution offers a cost-effective optimization strategy delivering proteins better and faster than alternative methods including metabolic pathway engineering and micro-fluidics. Additionally, Evozym's platform, when coupled with alternative synthetic biology discovery methods, increases the likelihood of viable biological output with commercial value.